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Torb Between Two Brothers

Torn Between Two Brothers

(Billionaires: Too Hot to Handle # 2)

When twenty-seven-year-old Jessica Hyde takes the position of personal secretary to charismatic twin brothers, Reed and Shane Masters, she gets more than she bargained for. The gorgeous thirty-seven-year-old siblings make her body tremble with desire each time they so much as glance in her direction. Such is their charisma, she initially believes the sexy entrepreneurs to be unobtainable and out of her reach.

However, Reed and Shane are impressed with the intelligent and beautiful young woman they hired for their highly successful global business. So much so, that for the first time in their lives they are unwilling to share their sexual conquests, each wanting Jessica for themselves. 

The successful billionaires built their empire with courage, commitment, and ruthlessness. Usually inseparable, they seem willing to sacrifice brotherly love in order to lay claim to the ultimate prize—Jessica. 

Will the brothers risk losing everything they have built together, or can Jessica convince them she loves them both equally? 

Can they all learn to share one another?

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Master of Submission

“I do have a mommy and daddy, don’t I?”

The uncertainty that was etched on the angelic face of Reed Masters’s three-year-old niece instinctively made him hunker down to her level.

“Ellie May, what would you like to do today, pumpkin? What would you like to play?”

He felt for her. The kid had been to hell and back.

The enchanting child had tears in her eyes as she spoke. “I don’t want to play. I never want to play again.”

Desperate to distract her from the painful subject of her parents’ absence, Reed scooped her favorite toy from the floor, and then playfully nuzzled it against her neck.

“Don’t want to play, huh? Well, Puffalump here wants to play, even if you don’t.” He teased her with the yellow stuffed elephant again until she finally giggled with childish delight.

“No, Uncle Reed. No, that tickles.” Laughing hysterically now, she tried in vain to push him away. “Stop it. Stop it. I don’t like tickles anymore.”

Reed had always thought of himself as a tough guy. A man who, just like his twin brother, Shane, could deal with any shit that life dared to throw at him. However, the distress and upheaval that Ellie May was going through right now really tugged at his heartstrings.

The future was starting to look better than the past though. As each day became the next, Ellie May was slowly starting to rejoin the world. In a year from now, Reed doubted the little girl with the cute button nose and froth of blonde curls would have any recollection of the traumatic events that had taken place. Exactly one month after the tragic accident had cruelly taken four members of his extended family, the tearful episodes and horrific night terrors that had so bedeviled the three-year-old were now becoming less frequent. In some ways the Masters were not dissimilar to the Kennedys because fate had been cruel to both families.

Now playing happily on the floor, Ellie May was engrossed in a conversation with Puffalump and a variety of other stuffed toys. She had them lined up in a row like soldiers on parade, and sternly wagged a finger at them all.

“If you are not good toys then I’m going to tell Mom—” She suddenly stopped midsentence as though contemplating what she had just said. After quizzically looking at him for a moment or two she continued. “If you are all good boys and girls, and none of you are naughty then we can all have some candy later on.”

She stared expectantly up at him from her cross-legged position on the floor. “We can have some candy, can’t we, Uncle Reed? Look how good we’ve all been.”

Reed ruffled an unruly bundle of golden locks. “Of course you can, pumpkin. What do you say I take you out and buy us both the biggest ice cream in the world?”

Ellie May clapped her hands together with unbridled childish glee. “Yesss.”

As for being responsible for looking after his adorable three-year-old niece, Reed hadn’t seen it coming… How could he? How could anyone? In fact, when he’d answered his cell phone late on that fateful night, he had been in good spirits. Business was booming and he and Shane had just signed a lucrative contract in China for three hundred fifty million dollars’ worth of Masters Advanced Technology computer operating systems. Over the next five years, this huge and relatively untapped new market could be worth literally billions of dollars to MAT—a company that Shane and he had started from their bedrooms at the tender age of nineteen, with the help of a five thousand dollar loan from their father. They paid back the loan to their old man, and the interest that went with it, well before they reached their twenty-first birthdays. That was more than sixteen years ago now, and their company had gone from strength to strength in that time. Last year alone, Masters Advanced Technology made pre-tax profits of more than four hundred thirty million bucks. Now they were established players in this cutthroat market. Reed and his twin brother Shane were gunning for no less than Microsoft.

He had initially taken the call with a smile to his face. “Reed Masters speaking.” The smile instantly disappeared when the person on the other end of the line solemnly informed him that he was a police officer, calling from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York State.

At first he had been suspicious, and insisted on getting the name and badge number of the cop in question. In his line of business, industrial espionage was commonplace with competitors willing to sink to any level to know what he and Shane already knew. “Whoever you are, this had better be on the level.”

“I can assure you that I am who I say I am, Mr. Masters, but please feel free to check me out further if you are unsure, sir.”

“I’ll do just that. In the meantime, go on. I’m listening.”

“There is no easy way to say this, Mr. Masters, but you appear to be listed as the next of kin for your sister, a lady by the name of Sarah Jane Miles.”

“Wrong.” His suspicions returned. “If you are telling the truth, you would know that the next of kin for my sister is her husband. A guy by the name of Kane Miles. The clue is in her surname. Listen, just who the fuck are you anyway? If this is some sort of sick fucking joke, believe me when I say that I will hunt you down and destroy you?”

The silence that had then followed seemed unending.

“Mr. Masters, may I apologize for not explaining the situation properly.”

Listening to the sharp intake of breath that then traveled down the phone line, Reed was left in no doubt that something bad had happened to his twenty-nine-year-old kid sister.



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