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Seduced by Her Texas Billionaire Boss

Seduced by Her Texas Billionaire Boss

(Guilty Pleasures # 6)

Kyle Brannigan, the legendary forty-year-old well control expert, and boss of Brannigan Enterprises, lives life on the edge--it's what gives him a buzz. There's only one thing that compares to the adrenaline rush of his demanding job, and that's the adrenaline rush he finds in the bedroom. When he hires beautiful twenty-eight-year-old Tess Morgan as his personal assistant, he decides to mix business with pleasure.


Tess knows all about Kyle Brannigan's womanizing ways, and though deeply attracted to him, vows never to become another of his sexual conquests. However, just watching her new boss in action, as he tames the dangerous environment he works in, causes her libido to run out of control.


Can Tess resist Kyle Brannigan's unique charm and alpha male persona, or will she be seduced by her billionaire boss?


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Adult Excerpt

Seduced by Her Texas Billionaire Boss

“I hope you’re having more than just coffee for breakfast?”


“I rarely eat breakfast. This is perfectly adequate for me.”


She could clearly see the disapproval on his face, and when Sascha returned with a plate loaded with ham and eggs, he spoke.


“Sascha, a plate of ham and eggs for Tess, too.”


“Straightaway, Mr. Brannigan.”


“Kyle, I’m fine.”


“Honey, we’ve got one hell of a day ahead of us. The food is here, so eat.”


Annoyed that he was treating her like a child, she voiced her disapproval at his interference. “I’m a grown woman. I make up my own mind whether I eat, or—”


He pointed a finger directly at her. “Listen to me and understand this. You may not get another chance to eat until this evening. Do you want to take the risk of passing out because you’re too stubborn to know what’s good for you? I don’t have the time or the resources to babysit you twenty-four seven. So if you do faint, it’ll be your own fault.” His words were uncompromising and a little unkind.


It seemed like her new boss hadn’t got a heart. “Your concern is duly noted, Mr. Brannigan.” She emphasized her displeasure by using his formal title, knowing full well that it pissed him off.


He sighed, resignedly, and placed his hand gently on hers. “I don’t mean to sound so harsh, honey. I just know from years of experience how things tend to pan out in the field. You don’t eat or drink properly, and you become dehydrated, and then—”


“Very well, I’ll eat the damned breakfast,” she retorted irritably.


“Good, that’s settled then.” His beautiful face broke into a smile as he flicked his gaze once more to her, making her wonder if this was all a game to him. Maybe he was testing her to see what made her tick. Well she would keep super cool in his presence, if only to annoy him. Then he said, “Say, honey, are you always this grumpy in the morning?”


“Only when I’m not allowed to choose what I want for breakfast,” she answered hotly, already forgetting her promise to remain ice cold.


“What’s up? Didn’t you get a good night’s sleep?” A grin lit up his face in amusement as he forked a large portion of ham and eggs to his mouth.


“I slept particularly well.” Once her vibrator had managed to banish him from her mind.


“That’s real good. So that wasn’t you I heard tossing and turning in the bed, and crying out?”


Tess squirmed on her seat. Jesus Christ, those cabin walls really were super thin. “Absolutely not,” she vehemently denied. “And if you did hear something, which you didn’t, you couldn’t have been sleeping either.”


He held up his hands in self-defense. “Okay, okay, just asking. No need to bite my head off.”


Sascha brought a huge plate of ham and eggs from the galley and placed it in front of Tess. “If you need any more, ma’am, just let me know.” She then turned her attention to Kyle and smiled a perfect smile. “Would you like more coffee, Mr. Brannigan, sir?”


“Mmm, yeah, thanks, Sascha, that would be great.”


Tess immediately felt a pang of unwanted jealousy when Kyle’s gaze fixated on Sascha’s perfect ass as she made her way back to the galley. Wanting to bring his attention back to her, rather than the waitress, she asked, “Kyle, you got any sisters?”


“Two, why?”


“I bet you bullied them mercilessly when you were younger.”


A warm smile drifted to his lips as he shoveled yet another forkful of ham and eggs to his mouth. After smiling and chewing for a few moments, he eventually replied, “If by bullying you mean pulling their braids, and cutting the heads off their Barbie dolls, then yeah, I guess I did.” He pointed his fork at her. “I’ll tell you one thing, honey. If this is how you usually act, then you must have given your kid brother hell when you were both growing up.”


“I was the perfect sister to my little brother.”


He raised an eyebrow in mock disbelief. “Somehow I doubt that.”


When he started laughing, she couldn’t stop herself from joining in and laughing, too. “Oh, Kyle, I can’t be angry with you for long. By the way this breakfast is delicious.”


“What did I tell you, honey?”


“Okay, okay, just this once I agree. You’re right and I’m wrong.”


Sascha returned with fresh coffee and placed it on the breakfast table. “Mr. Brannigan, sir, Captain Morales has asked me to inform you that the Quelinne Rig is now visible on your left.”


“Thanks, Sascha.” Kyle turned to the window and stared out. “Hey, take a look at this, Tess.” He placed a protective arm around her shoulder as she hunkered down to look through the porthole. “Ain’t that just about the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen?”


Being so close to a man like Kyle Brannigan made her aware of every inch of him. His masculine scent was unmistakable and highly arousing. In the distance she could just make out a huge plume of smoke rising unchallenged into the sky as the oil blowout belched acrid fumes into the stratosphere. She turned to Kyle.


“Wow, that sure is some sight.”


Kyle was in his element, all pumped up and macho. If he wanted her, would she refuse him, could she refuse him? She had to admit his sex appeal went right off the scale. He subtly moved his hand from her shoulder to her waist.


“There it is, Tess. Your first assignment with Brannigan Enterprises.”



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