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Master's Pet

Master's Pet

(Masters of Submission # 6)

At thirty-six, Cole Rossi has found the perfect submissive in Jessica Summers. The twenty-eight-year-old beauty is sexy, witty, and more than a little mischievous. She has been his to worship, discipline and adore for the last three years, and he couldn't imagine life without her.


Master Cole is everything Jessica could possibly wish for in a dominant. He's powerful and caring, and has placed his diamond collar around her neck as a symbol of his love, respect and commitment to her.


However, when Quinn Sutherland, Jessica's former master, returns to Club Submission for the first time in four years, their idyllic D/s relationship is thrown into turmoil. There was always bad blood between the two men, and Cole is well aware that nothing would give his nemesis more pleasure than taking Jessica from him.


Unsettled by events, Cole uses tough love to resolve the situation. Will his strategy work, or will it backfire and drive Jessica straight into the arms of his bitter rival?


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Master's Pet

Standing over her, with his arms folded across his broad chest, Cole observed her every move, his overbearing presence making her tremble even more. Aware of his eyes burning into her, Jessica worked quickly, thankful that it didn't take long to remove what little she was wearing. When she was done, she neatly folded her black leather skirt and bra, along with her panties that showed obvious signs of moisture before placing them on the hall stand next to her purse.


Completely naked, and with sexual arousal beginning to coat the insides of her thighs, Jessica stood statue still, obediently waiting for Cole to make his next move. SheӤ always loved this particular ritual, and when Cole stepped forward and attached a leather leash to the O-ring on her collar, that feeling of belonging, of being cherished and nurtured, overwhelmed her senses, making everyone in the world disappear apart from them. For now, it was just the two of them, and nothing else existed. Jessica loved Cole, and although he sometimes frightened her with his unpredictability, she adored the way he made her feel.


He pulled hard at the leather leash, forcing her first to stumble, then take two steps across the cold tiled floor. "Who is your Master, Jessica? Answer me."


Although his question seemed strange and unnecessary, she answered truthfully. "You are, Sir, and no one could ever take your place."


His eyes held hers with such intensity, Jessica felt herself tremble in his presence, and she licked her lips in nervous anticipation.


He tenderly stroked the back of his hand over her cheek, then leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "Good. That is what I wanted to hear. Now follow your Master like a good little pet."


With the leash held firmly in his hand, Jessica walked obediently behind him, following his strong, powerful frame across the white terrazzo tiles and up the stairs. When they reached his bedroom, he kicked open the door with his booted foot and then walked inside. He paused momentarily, his eyes seeming to delve deep into her very soul before letting the leather lead fall to the floor.


Knowing exactly what to do to please her Master, Jessica immediately dropped down on all fours and began crawling submissively but also very seductively after her Master. It was a ritual they'd enjoyed many times, and highlighted the dynamics of their relationship.


Cole didn't take his gaze from her for one second as he sat on the large opulent bed and kicked off his boots. In return, she kept her eyes focused on him, too, exactly as he demanded as she slowly and sensually shimmied her way toward him, her hands and knees enjoying the tactile delights of the thick pile carpet beneath.


For some unknown reason, he seemed even more dominant than usual tonight. His uncompromising demeanor meant she dared not put a foot wrong, for fear of where it might lead. It also made her pussy positively ache with need. An ache so strong, she longed for him to be deep inside her.


Of course, because of the way their relationship worked, she already knew he would punish her for arriving late that evening. However, usually the discipline would be administered during the scene they had planned at the club, but for some unknown reason, Cole had abruptly canceled it, leaving her confused as to why.


Wishing to appeal to his better nature, she rubbed her cheek, cat-like, against his legs when she reached the bed. She knew her attempts at seduction hadn't worked when he roughly pushed her away and growled in her ear, "You can't get around me that easily. Assume the position, my pet."


Feeling fear and sexual arousal flood her body the more he admonished her with his deep baritone commands, Jessica did exactly as she was told. She immediately knelt before him and, looking up into his all-knowing eyes, placed her hands behind her head. This had the effect of making her breasts thrust forward and her areolas to become engorged with blood in nervous anticipation. The pure gold barbells, slicing through her nipples, only served to make the erotic feelings coursing through her body even more intense and undeniable. A delicious longing zapped straight to her clit, which she felt an almost irresistible urge to touch.


Her Master seemed to have the ability to read her mind, because he wagged a finger at her like she were a naughty schoolgirl and said, "Don't you dare. Don't you dare even think about it."


Cole leaned forward and picked the flaccid leash from the floor before winding it around his hand until there was no slack left and his fist was at her throat. Then, to demonstrate his dominance of her body and mind, he tugged hard, making her head jolt backward. "How many times have you been late this week?"


There was real menace in Cole's voice, far more than usual, and it frightened her, but this only added to her sexual arousal, and she swallowed nervously before answering, "Three times, Sir." She'd been deliberately late, just as she'd done many times in the past three years. It was a sure-fire way of getting her Master's attention, a sure-fire way of giving him what he wanted and her, too. Only, this time it was different. The script wasn't running as smoothly as usual, and the look in Cole's dark eyes was one she hadn't witnessed before.



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