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Deceiving Her Billionaire Bosses

Deceiving Her Billionaire Bosses

(Billionaires: Too Hot to Handle # 1)

Twenty-nine-year-old Jennifer White’s life has been in turmoil for as long as she can remember. At times, her sadness has been almost overwhelming. Desperate to change the way she feels, she applies for the position of personal assistant at Grandee Security—a thriving company run by achingly gorgeous joint-owners, Matt Granger and Conrad Dee.

Jennifer is well aware that she doesn’t hold the necessary qualifications for the job, but in a last-ditch bid to change her deeply unhappy existence, she figures she has nothing to lose. Nobody really checks employment references anyway, do they?

Against all the odds, Jennifer is successful, and her life becomes perfect in every way, especially when Matt and Conrad fall for her as much as she has fallen for them. 

However, when her gorgeous bosses discover her deception, will they fire her on the spot, or will they help her to overcome the guilt from her past?


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Deceiving Her Billionaire Bosses

Rap, rap, rap.

Jennifer White took a deep breath and smoothed the creases, imaginary or otherwise, from her dark-gray business suit as she waited for an answer.


That was Matt Granger’s voice. She’d seen him giving interviews on the TV numerous times, and the authoritative baritone accent, mixed with just the hint of a Texas drawl, never failed to send a sexy, cold shiver down her spine.

With one final deep breath to quell her nerves, she pushed open the double doors and walked inside to find not only Matt Granger but also his business partner Conrad Dee sitting behind an impressive mahogany desk.

With an assertive, almost arrogant wave of his hand, Matt gestured to the lone chair on the other side of the desk. Jennifer noticed it was set far lower than the ones her potential new bosses occupied, but she was astute enough to realize that this was a deliberate psychological ploy to give them the upper hand. Just like keeping her waiting on tenterhooks for twenty minutes with only their secretary calmly buffing her nails for amusement.

As she carefully sat down, making sure her skirt didn’t ride up to reveal her underwear, she realized their mind games were already working, because the two alpha males towered over her, leaving no option but to stare helplessly up at them.

Conrad Dee seemed almost disinterested by her arrival, and she guessed that Matt Granger would be asking most of the questions. Questions? By the look in those invasive blue eyes of his, this first meeting was more likely to be an interrogation than an interview.

 He leaned across the desk and shook her hand. His grip was firm, his after-shave expensive, and his sheer presence almost overpowering.

“I’m Matthew Granger, CEO of Grandee Security, and this is my business partner, Conrad Dee.”

“It’s good to meet you, sir.” His bodily warmth didn’t just permeate her hand. It seemed to spread like wildfire throughout her body. Jesus Christ, Matt Granger was fucking gorgeous. He’d always looked edible on the TV, but seeing him in the flesh for the first time was something else. The thought of this powerful man becoming her boss made her pussy clench and moisten with pure sexual desire.

Even sitting down, Matt Granger looked mighty impressive. He was thirty-eight years old, and  although weighing some two hundred pounds and standing over six feet tall, his build was athletic, and she got the distinct feeling that this guy would be a sexual god between the sheets.

Conrad Dee’s physical appearance was equally impressive as he leaned across the desk and shook her hand. However, on balance he seemed more reluctant and less interested in the whole affair than his business partner.

His demeanor didn’t shock her though, because news of the death of his beautiful wife Eva from an inoperable brain tumor some two years ago had been splattered over the front pages of the newspapers, and she guessed he was still having trouble coming to terms with his loss. Just like Matt Granger, he was achingly gorgeous to her female eyes, with a presence that although more subtle than his business partner was still incredibly powerful.

Matt Granger turned to his partner. “Perhaps there are a few questions you’d like to ask Jennifer, Con?”

Conrad Dee shrugged. “No. You seem to be doing fine on your own. I’ll just listen and observe.”

Conrad Dee’s probing brown eyes seemed to pin her to the chair, and although right now he came across as a man of few words, Jennifer figured that when he spoke, people listened.

Matt Granger shuffled the papers on his desk, forming them into a neat pile. “Right then, Jennifer. Let’s start by you telling us all about yourself.”

She needed to think on her feet. “I believe everything is well documented in my CV, sir.”

“Yeah, sure it is, honey, but what you’ve written here is purely for administration purposes. I want to know about the real, Jennifer White. Jennifer White the woman.”

She felt herself blush at the way Matt Granger voiced the word woman, using it so seductively she felt her pussy moisten with sexual desire. Thankfully, she managed to stop herself in time before she went too crimson. “Well, sir, I was born and raised right here in New York.”

“Uh-huh. And your parents, they’re still alive?”

She felt herself start to blush again, this time finding the rapidly spreading redness more difficult to conceal. “Yes, Mr. Granger, both my parents are alive and well.” That was her first lie, and it was a biggie.

“I imagine they must be coming up for retirement soon?”

“Yes, sir.” Lie number two, and it wasn’t getting any easier.

Jennifer realized she needed to change the subject and fast, because her whole CV, in fact, her whole persona was nothing more than a crock of shit. She didn’t have the qualifications necessary for the position of personal assistant at Grandee Security, and every one of those glowing references on the sheet of paper Matt Granger held between his fingertips amounted to no more than a tissue of lies. Truth be known, she really had no right to be here, and the more these powerful guys delved into her background, the sooner they’d realize she was nothing more than a fraud.

Jennifer silently berated herself. But if they give you the job as PA, you’re more than capable of doing it. So if you keep your cool, girl, and act as though you know what you’re talking about, there’s no reason why they should find out.

Besides, my life has been so fucking shitty for so long now, I deserve a break. I deserve to be happy.

Still keeping silent, Conrad Dee’s inquisitive gaze narrowed on her, and she wondered if he was beginning to figure out that she wasn’t quite the consummate professional she portrayed herself to be. She guessed he was perceptive in the extreme, and the way he just stared at her, allowing his partner to do all the work unnerved Jennifer.

“Well, gentleman, the real me is not the conservatively dressed lady you see before you. That’s strictly my work and interview persona. As a personal assistant for more than ten years, and having had the pleasure of working for some extremely influential and important people, I take my job seriously, and endeavor to maintain my professionalism at all times, regardless of the pressure I’m under.”

Lie number three. She hadn’t done a single day’s work as a personal assistant for anyone in her whole life.



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