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A Dom to Love, Honor, and Obey

A Dom to Love, Honor, and Obey

(Masters of Submission # 7)

After the death of her beloved husband, Club Submission receptionist Andrea Vicari decides she has no need for another man in her life, because in her opinion, no other guy could ever compare to Joe.


But then, some five years later, she meets the incredibly sexy and charismatic Zack Marshall. The new Dom in town makes Andrea realize that perhaps she should reassess how she feels.


The thirty-eight-year-old businessman is instantly attracted to the thirty-two-year-old submissive, who insists on saying no when what she really means is yes.


Zack doesn?t understand the meaning of the word no, and pursues Andrea with every fiber of his being. He is determined to make her his, bending, twisting, and molding her to his mighty will.


Will Andrea be able to fight off Club Submission?s new Alpha male predator? And if she can, will she really want to?


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A Dom to Love, Honor, and Obey

?You say you?re here on business, Mr. Marshall?? She surprised herself when she showed an interest in the life of the man standing before her.


?Call me Zack. All my friends do. In fact, I insist that you call me Zack, because I have a gut feeling that you and I are going to get to know one another a whole lot better in the future.?


For some strange reason she couldn?t stop her hand fluttering to her throat as she let out another little cough. ?Okay.?


?Okay, what??


?Okay, Zack.? She felt sure she blushed like a teenage girl on her first date.


?In answer to your question, I run an aeronautical company located on the shores of Lake Eerie. The order books are full, and business is booming right now, so much so that I need to expand.? He winked at her, and this time she kind of liked the attention. ?I?ve decided that the second factory for Marshall Aeronautical will be built right here in Boston.?


He looked her up and down with pure sexual intent showing in his silver-gray eyes. ?And from what I?ve seen of Boston so far, it does not disappoint me, Andrea.?


His voice and its delivery were cultured. His choice of words articulate and measured. However, mixed in with his velvety tone, was the merest hint of a Detroit accent. It was barely noticeable, but it was there all right, and it gave her an insight into the achingly handsome man who now stood mere inches from her.


Achingly handsome? Did she really just think such thoughts?


She surprised herself, because since Joe?s tragic death some five years ago, she?d thought she?d lost the desire and ability to think of men in a passionate, sexual way. Well, she was wrong, because this intriguing stranger was having a powerful effect on her libido.


He stared at her for what seemed an inordinately long time, those silver-gray eyes seeming to bore deep into her soul, reigniting long extinguished embers of passion.


?Are you okay, princess??


?Yes, yes, I?m fine. I?m absolutely fine. Why do you ask?? She knew she?d lost the composure she?d ably demonstrated barely a half hour ago, but there was something about this guy, something she liked, but something that frightened her, too. Zack Marshall was one hundred percent the dominant, and Andrea had no doubt in her mind that given the opportunity, he?d control her, just like he?d controlled the other submissives in his life. She just knew it. Just like any other sub knew, when in the presence of a real Master.


He smiled again, and she now knew he held the upper hand. ?It?s just that you?re looking a little flushed, and your breathing seems faster than it should be.?


Trying to counter his domination, she feebly replied, ?I?m fine.?


?No, you?re not.? With his fingers spread wide, he placed the palm of his hand on her chest, and for some crazy reason she didn?t push him away. In the past, she hadn?t hesitated to slap the faces of men, who tried it on with her, but not now, because she was literally putty in this guy?s hands. Those all-knowing eyes seeming to control her more with each passing second.


?There, I was right all along. See how fast it beats. Surely your heart shouldn?t beat so quickly unless you?re feeling unwell??


Summoning her reserves of willpower, she finally backed away from him. ?No, as I said, I?m absolutely fine, and if my husband finds out that you?ve laid a finger on me, then you?ll be in big trouble.?


?Is that so.? The way he spoke, she knew this guy wasn?t afraid of anything or anybody, and to prove it, he took a step toward her before feathering his hand across her cheek, trailing his fingers between her lips, which for some reason she found herself obediently parting for him. ?In that case, Andrea, it will just have to be our little secret, won?t it??


She felt guilty for lying, for telling him that her husband was still alive, but it was a strategy that had worked well in the past, and had saved her a lot of hassle and explanation as to why she was unwilling to enter into new relationships. Of course, she could tell him the truth right now, but she?d probably never see him again once he?d flown back to Cleveland. So what would be the point?


For the first time in almost five years, Andrea felt those sexual feelings return. Those wonderful erotic sensations that every woman is entitled to. She knew her pussy was wet, and she knew that he knew it, too, because he toyed with her, like a cat toyed with a mouse, and may God damn her for it, but she liked it, enjoying the attention he paid her. For the first time since Joe?s death, she felt like a real flesh and blood woman again.


He wasn?t finished with her yet, because his eyes held an intensity that frightened and excited her in equal measure. She knew that Zack Marshall was the real deal, and a million miles away from the pretend Doms who visited Club Submission once, never to be seen again.


Still caressing her cheek and lips with his fingertips, he matter-of-factly added, ?I?ll also be buying another house right here in Boston. I?m a hands-on type of guy, so I?ll need to be close to my new factory in order to sort things out should the shit hit the fan. I?ll need someone who knows the area well, someone who can point me in the direction of the best neighborhoods.?


?Well I?Well I?? Goddamn it, she cursed herself. Why did she find it so hard to speak coherently in this man?s presence?



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